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Best Online Pokies With No Wager Free Spins


Online Pokies and No Wager Free Spins 


As you have probably already noticed, there are very few casinos where you get a casino bonus in form of free spins without wagering requirements. A real money bonus without rollover requirements are even more difficult to find. On the other hand, you can find free spins of juego dino apuesta with various wagering requirements in every other casino. Sometimes casinos offer real money free spins without a deposit but usually all these bonus offers have something in common. The winnings from the free spins must be wagered at least 30 or 40 times. But wouldn’t it be much better if the winnings were actually paid in real money?

This is where the free spins with no wagering requirements come into play! All winnings that result from the free spins are 100% real money. With free spins that have no wagering required you can withdraw a fixed amount. This is often between 100-300 €. In other words, the casino is giving away money to attract new players. On the other hand, you will not find any limit in the free spins with deposit and can withdraw the entire amount. If you win 1000 €, this money belongs to you and you can cash it out immediately.


Best No Wagering Online Pokies With Free Spins


All online pokies free spins or cash free spins are really without any bonus conditions. There are several reasons for that. But by far the most important and relevant reason is simply the growing casino market. New casinos are added every day and they all have a huge welcome bonus for new players. In order to stand out from the crowd and to be something special, some casino operators give away cash spins without wagering requirements. Of course, the online casinos also take a small risk with this. You should definitely use this real money bonus advantage and try your luck. Because winning cash is always fun! But by far the nicest thing is that your credit from the free spins offer is not subject to limited maximum win. In other words, you can get as much profit potential out of it as the slot machine gives. 

The providers award such a bonus in the form of free spins for a pre-determined online pokie. In most cases, you will receive these special bonuses when you make a deposit. The free spins without wagering requirements will be credited to you immediately after a successful deposit. You can then withdraw the profit made through the spins without any ifs or buts. So what are the best online pokies with free spins?

We have tested numerous online pokies and among dozens of software providers there are three that stand out: NetEnt, GameArt and NoLimit City. You will find pokies from these providers in every online casino with no wager requirements

We have made the very best selection of online pokies, with detailed review of each pokie, which you can try for free before you decide to put real money into play.

Most Popular NetEnt Online Pokies

Most Popular GameArt Online Pokies

Most Popular NoLimit City Online Pokies

Most Important Online Pokies Terms 


The classic slot machine has three reels and one line of play (the line in the middle). Receiving three of the same symbols is a win, with different symbols having different prize money. The pokies have evolved over time and offer more variations and features. The following are  the terms and expressions most commonly used with pokies:

RTP - stands for “Return to Player” and means the theoretical payout ratio of a slot in the course of its operation. An example: The Gonzo’s Quest Pokie has an RTP of 95.97%. This means that with a stake of € 100 you can expect an average payout of € 95.97. The RTP value is usually between 92% and 98% and is only an approximation in the long term, not per lap.

Spin - A spin, also known as a spin, is a game of round. The name goes back to the early days of pokies, when the reels were still mechanically turned using a lever. This marked the beginning of a game round.

Symbols - The symbols are the images that you can see on the fields of the reels. Classic pokies have three symbols per reel and you can see the classic symbols like cherries, sevens and melons there. Newer online pokies can have anything as symbols, the possibilities are endless. Most of the time, however, the theme of the pokie is included in the icons.

Paylines - This is the number of lines there are in a slot game. For example, you will see slots called the 25-payline slot, which means they have 25 paylines. On most slots, you can see how many lines of play you can bet on. The more game lines you activate in the slot, the greater your chances of winning - but it will also cost you more coins (or more money).

Max Bet / Stake - This term is short for the maximum bet size you can bet on a single spin. So if the slot machine allows 1-5 coins per line and it is a 5-reel slot with 50 paylines, you will be wagering 250 coins per spin when you click on Max Bet.

Paytable - The payout table shows the payout rates for a specific slot machine. This will show you which amounts you get for which winning combinations and how certain bonus rounds or other features are triggered.

Autoplay - Automatic gaming is a modern feature in which the player can set a certain number of spins which the game then performs automatically. This feature differs between slot games and is often used by the more experienced slot players.

Scatter Symbol - Scatter symbols can be found in newer video slots and they can either multiply your winnings or they can trigger other features.

Wild Symbol - The wild symbols are wild in the game. This means that they substitute for other symbols to get the best possible winning combination. So if you have two of the same symbols and one wild symbol, the wild will act as the third of the same symbol, forming a 3-symbol winning combination.

Free Spins - Most slot games have free spins feature. These are usually in a bonus round and are a free bonus for the player. Some slots have more free spins than others and the value of these free game rounds varies from slot machine to slot machine.

Bonus games - The bonus games are extra features of newer slot machines. These are usually free spins or a click-me game that can win you a lot of money.

Multipliers - Not every slot machine has multipliers. In bonus rounds, for example, players can win free spins with a multiplier. In the 300 Shields slot, for example, you can get a multiplier of up to 300x. This means that if you get a certain combination, your winnings will be multiplied by 300.

Jackpot - Some slot machines also have a progressive jackpot. When players play the slot machine, part of their stake goes into the jackpot, which then grows steadily. A certain combination is required to win this jackpot. The amounts of these jackpots can vary between a few thousand and several million euros.

Progressive Jackpot - The jackpot is the maximum win, top win or just the largest possible win in a slot game.


Different Types of Online Pokies


There are many different types of online pokies that you can play in online casinos. New slots keep popping up (on a weekly basis) and you should know what these pokies are and which ones you like the most.

Pokies are very easy to play, but here we want to show you the different types of pokies.

3-Reel Pokies - 3-reel pokies are the classic games and they have three reels with classic symbols such as melons, cherries, sevens, bar symbols and cards. The 3-reel pokies usually have a payline that is in the middle of the reels. Some of these slots also have three or five paylines (across the top, middle and bottom reels and from bottom left to top right and from top left to bottom right, i.e. diagonally).

Bonus Pokies - Bonus pokies are pokies with a bonus game or feature. This is usually activated when you get three or more special symbols (usually bonuses) on certain reels (varies from game to game). If you’d like to see how you trigger a bonus round, you can check out the slot game’s paytable. Most bonus rounds give you free spins. The free spins usually play themselves through and then pay out your winnings at the end.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies - The progressive jackpot slot machines are basically pokies that are linked to a jackpot. These can be 3-reel slots, 5-reel pokies, etc., and they can have bonus rounds. The jackpots on these games will accumulate over time. A small part of the stakes in the game goes into the jackpot. This jackpot will then grow until one lucky player hits the winning combination that is needed to hit that jackpot. Some jackpots are worth millions because the game is so popular. The largest online jackpot ever won was USD 24 million on Mega Fortune. In order to win these huge jackpots you almost always have to play the maximum bet. If you wager half the bet you can win half the jackpot (etc.) or the odds are lower if you bet low. Most of the time you need five of the same symbols (without the wild symbol) which is usually quite difficult to get. But it is possible.


What is RTP on Online Pokie?


Not much is written about the average return to the player. It directly affects what you get back when you play slot machines, so we thought we’d give you some information about it.

First of all, it has to be said that the average payback is given as a percentage and it is the amount that the slot gives back to the players. Another word for this repayment is payout percentage. This is the percentage that a particular slot machine pays back to the player. The remaining amount is then the casino’s house edge.

If an online pokie has a payback rate of 95% it means that for every € 100 you wager in the game, you get an average of € 95 back. The house (or online casino) will keep the remaining € 5. But that doesn’t mean that it always happens that way. The payout rate is an average value and is usually calculated on an annual cycle. It also refers to all wagers on a particular pokie, which can include thousands or even millions of players.

You can’t always see the average payback numbers; most games don’t mention them. The software developer Microgaming, for example, does not publish its numbers. With other developers, such as NetEnt, you can see these odds on every game.

So what’s a good RTP number? Online pokies are mostly at 95% or more. In land-based casinos, the repayment to the player is usually much lower than in online casinos. Other casino games, such as Black Jack, have a higher payback rate (in some cases 99%) and for this reason Black Jack can never be used to fulfill a welcome bonus. However, online pokies can always be played with bonus money.

All good online casinos use software in which pokies are tested regularly and independently every month. Most of the time, this information is published on the website (usually at the bottom of the page). The repayment amount can also change slightly from month to month depending on the results.


What is Online Pokie Variance?


The slot variance is basically defined as the risk of a slot machine . Variance is a term used in online gambling. The pokies can therefore be classified as low, medium, or high variance games.

However, the variance must not be confused with low, medium or high return to the player. A pokie that has high variance may also have a higher payout percentage than a low variance game.

The slot variance can therefore be seen more as a chance of winning. In high variance slot machines you don’t win often, but the winnings are higher. The problem with this is that you will use up your credit faster, maybe before you even have a profit. For this reason, pokies with high variance don’t hit the bonus round very often. But if you can get them, you can count on a decent profit too.

The slot variance can be seen as good or bad. It depends on what you want as a player. If you want to win smaller wins and play the game longer, you should play low variance pokies. For example, if you have € 50 to play with, we recommend playing low variance slot machines because that’s the only way you can play for a long time. 

If you are a high roller with larger bankroll to play with and you are looking to win big, the high variance slots are more likely for you. However, keep in mind that all online pokies work randomly and you may not win at all. You need to be careful not to chase after your losses, as doing so will only make you lose more money. If you win a lot you should cash it out straight away so that you get some of it.

Basically it can be said that it depends on how much money you have and what you expect from the slot machine. If you are looking for a big win, you should play the high variance slots. But if you have a smaller balance and want to play longer, then you should play the pokies with low variance. If you’re in the middle, the medium variance slots are for you.